A Vampire's Pet

A Vampire's Pet

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Cannon By Cannoness Updated Jan 08

The world had gone to shit long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire King made an agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought 

In reality we were all under thier control. Castles spread out throughout our land, one landing in each city. Each castle varied in the number of vampires residing there, but all of them carried a Lord. The Lords were the ones in charge in every city, whether we liked it or not. The vampires often roam through the city, making sure that everyone was in order and no one stepped out of line. Of you stepped out of line, you died, end of story. 

Even if the rich were still under thier control, they're lives were still better than the poor. 

The poorest lives held a much worse fate. 

The men were to be put to work as slaves, wether that meant serving a specific vampire, or just building their castles, they were slaves. The women were were to be pets.

Pets were the lowest rank you could have. They were forced into cages that were too small to stand in with collars around their necks. They spent their lives in pet shops, just waiting for the dreadful day that they'll be bought. They were treated like animals, trained into what their master wanted, and punished if they misbehaved. Thoes who were lucky enough to live through that, we're to be slaughtered for thier blood at age twenty five in an act to make sure that out population would stay steady. 

I was born into this world. Born into this world full of blood sucking monsters. Except, I was one of the lucky ones.


It all ended for me when I was 12, when I was taken away from the last bit of hope and family that I had left. Ever since then, I've lived in a cage, just rotting away, waiting, dreading for the day that some monster would make me his.

This is my life. I am a pet.

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RedG03135 RedG03135 21 hours ago
Perv.... I wanna know how old he is bc if he’s like decades old that’s like n old man touching a seven yr old ...even if he is handsome
na_ye-chwan18 na_ye-chwan18 4 days ago
When encuentras una historia que se ve interesante pero apenas y sabes inglés :,v this so sad
Magnez1524 Magnez1524 5 days ago
Bwahahahahahhaa😂😂😂ya know....just incase some people trespasses....someone can scream😂😂😂
RedG03135 RedG03135 21 hours ago
Evil........they were minding there own business n here he come
Magnez1524 Magnez1524 5 days ago
Crying doesnt mean youre weak.....it just means that someone is cutting onions
RedG03135 RedG03135 21 hours ago
Well then ass hole how bout I stuff u in a cage n put on the market ??