Wish I Never ❌ {Book 1} New Version *Complete*

Wish I Never ❌ {Book 1} New Version *Complete*

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The water wrapped around my ankles as my toes splashed the water around. If only I haven't met him, things would have been easier. I glanced up, stopping dead in tracks when I saw a figure coming from the opposite direction. 

My eyes caught his, so many emotions ran through my mind, it's been a while since I've been this close to him, been keeping my distance for my own sake. He stepped forward and I stepped back, "Alexandra." My hands curled up into fists when he called my name, how dare he? How dare he call my name?


A time ago, I had fallen for someone who wasn't my mate. I had to choose between him and my family, I had no choice but to choose my family.  

Till this day, I still wonder if I had made the right decision.


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ChloeWelsh7 ChloeWelsh7 Oct 06, 2016
Or in my drunk grandmas words. Boys will stick their sausage in your bacon so make sure he is cute. Then she promptly passed out.
dhotirako dhotirako Aug 26, 2016
You don't want rude comments yet you have a foul moth yourself
ChloeWelsh7 ChloeWelsh7 Oct 06, 2016
I'm reading this in school and my teacher asked me what's so funny and I said the character in my book told a funny home and she made me tell her what the joke was. Safe to say I made up a knock knock joke about voldemort....
tbellajones tbellajones Jan 14, 2017
I was reading  the heart wants what the heart want it's really good would love to finish please
christinakitson1 christinakitson1 Oct 17, 2016
Why should you it's your story and I wouldn't want you too 😀😉
_Collura_57_ _Collura_57_ Aug 01, 2016
Girl, I live in Ohio and I'm completely English. I don't know any other languages and I can already tell, you have better Grammar than I do.