Hit me, Cupid!

Hit me, Cupid!

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Cupid and Psyche. It's the oldest tale in the world. But what happens when Cupid falls victim to his own arrow for the second time around? And this time, it's with a mortal girl, Cytherea Hastings. 

Caught in Eros's world, Cytherea finds out she's not just anybody. She is someone else. She will be the one to discover the truth, and unveil the greatest tragedy and curse of Cupid and Psyche, even if it kills her.

Would love be strong enough to conquer three beating hearts? The King and Queen will be conquered by the Pawn.  The Pawn will rise and take the love that was rightfully hers. 

cover by; TheMagicianLord
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-uniquetrbl -uniquetrbl Mar 10
It means your having a HEART ATTACK!!!!!!! *cue demi lovato*
 #rr but I had to mention that I looove her name ...and sense of humor .... and personality ..danm I love her 😍
I'm re reading this for the 3rd time😍 gah I love this book!!!
-uniquetrbl -uniquetrbl Mar 10
This part is so true! Even though I'm not in college yet. Lmao. 😂
butyoujust butyoujust Jul 07
i love how she just accepts her death 😂 she's not even calling 911 or whatever