Sad Poems 2

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Supernaturalmom By supernaturalmom Updated 4 years ago
More bits and pieces of my life. Be warned not always pretty. Read at your own risk.
These are beautiful, they made me think of my best friend. Brought tears to my eyes. You're amazing!
I found you had great emotion, it's really hard to describe but it feels like I lost my sister.
is this true? your big sister really died? and her husband died two weeks before? that's horrible... i can't imagine how you felt.. how you feel now. you made me realise that maybe i take my sister for granted. this poem is beautiful, so thanks. 
AW! I wish I could have read this earlier so I could comfort you, but as always I'm late on commenting. I hope you have gotten better. Its true some friends can dissapoint us, but some don't. Even if they do dissapoint though they can also make you feel at the top of the world. :D
i can so relate with it!! it was sad beautiful amazing!!(sorry i dont know enough words that will do justice to this) but there is no doubt that u r the best poet here!! it is amazing poem. but it is disturbing!! is everything ok?? (u can tell me anything and everything u want u know that)
Wow that's really sad. Beautifully written and heartfelt! :-)