ShapeShifter (Completed)

ShapeShifter (Completed)

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  By year fifteen, every girl and boy recieve a special beast bond and power. Kids would commonly get the powers of fire, nature, air, werewolf, or vampire. Rarely, the power of water or telekinesis. Skolris got none of these...

     Can Skolris keep her power a secret or will she get sent away to some experiment lab? Will she be able to protect the town she loves from constant bombings? Can she find out the secret behind an organization who steals other people's beast bonds? And more importantly, can Skolris defeat a man whose greed is so strong that he consumes the powers within others and calls them his own while at the same time, protecting her loved ones and being hunted down?

A/N: I have not edited this story yet so if you are someone who hates grammar mistakes, PLEASE don't read this XD. Also, i kinda wrote this a while ago and i was a little inexperienced, so also don't freak out when things don't make sense ;D

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kjameson_32 kjameson_32 May 22, 2017
Wait do they get to shift into the beast they are bonded to or is it like a pet?
thedragonshifter thedragonshifter May 23, 2017
Like a pet.. mostly a body guard :) they don't come into much play in this book but they will in the next