It's In Our Blood (Death Note Fan Fic)

It's In Our Blood (Death Note Fan Fic)

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Kotori Hiyoshi is the great L's twin. She is just as smart as him, but more rebelious, which unfortunately causes her to have to stay in school and obtain yet another degree. 

When Kotori goes to Japan to help L with the Kira case, they find something suspicous. 

Someone the two never thought they'd see again turns up.

Are Kotori and L really the only ones left in their family, or does the sadistic Beyond Birthday share their blood?

And what will happen when a certain suspect comes along? 

And also-will L ever gain any weight?

**I don't own Death Note or any of the characters...well, the ones I make up I own...but that's it**

Am I the only one who notices this was in a pattern, in precise order?
IochiSorraUmei IochiSorraUmei Aug 06, 2016
Well I have met someone who was colour blind once... they we're pretty cool but a little morbid, that was a bit over 7 years ago...
InsanitysSlave InsanitysSlave Nov 23, 2016
Fun fact:
                              I see a few particular shades of red as grey instead.
                              It's quite funny sometimes, my friend is like,' hey look at that red (insert object)!'
                              And I'm just like,' Bish no, that's grey.'
                              And she's like,   o.0
IochiSorraUmei IochiSorraUmei Aug 06, 2016
So. Am I right in assuming that scare crow (Japanese: kakashi) is a cover name?
IochiSorraUmei IochiSorraUmei Aug 06, 2016
*subconsciously looks away from screen* I really should be gone... but... then meny interesting things may have never came my way...
AmandaJean12 AmandaJean12 Aug 30, 2016
I live in the US, and though this is true, I'm kinda offended.