Jerk; Septiplier

Jerk; Septiplier

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Rinny♥︎ By FandomsDoneRight Completed

"Eh just give him time!" I was told, but it was going to take a little more than just "time" to get Jack to trust me - or just not glare at me in general. It was worth it though, he was cute, and I wanted him to be able to trust me. 
"Don't be so mean to him!" They scolded, but I didn't want to get close to him and being "mean" was the only way I saw to get him to leave me alone. He was someone you could get lost with, and I didn't need anyone to disrupt my common life. 
This book will contain harsh images and descriptions, you may wish to advert yourself from this story. There will be warnings as to when someone that I have deemed as "extreme" appears and you will have the opportunity to skip over them. Thank you!


All characters depicted in this book are in of themselves, fiction. Even if they portray similarities to real life people, the relationships and characters themselves are of my own design.

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