MPMMN 2: Still In Love

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Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.
    MPMMN 2: Still In Love
    Original Story By Pinkyjhewelii
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honey?! ay tawagin c pooh joke.cla na? sna hindi ky James kna Mandy.
.hehe nice story 
                                    book1:ms.nobody meets popular
                                    book2:still in love
                                    MPMMN book3:together forever nice judt.
Sheeze! iM BADLY LIKE THIS :) penge naman pong soft copy pleaseeeeeeeee miss author :)
woah. this my 9th time reading this book.. i didn't epect i will be this obsess  with this story....
Thanks for making book 2 book 1 was amazing but pls put Mandy out!!!!