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Boarding Boys (BoyxBoy)

Boarding Boys (BoyxBoy)

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BlissfullyInLove93 By BlissfullyInLove93 Updated May 27

Cayden Carpenter has never thought that his life could get any worse than it already is. At the age of 16, he was forced to attend a prestigious boarding school because of his academic excellence in high school. All he has ever wanted is to be left alone. He is a loner and has always been that way ever since he was thrown into the foster care system since he was a young child. Never in a million years did he ever feel that people would care a peep about him, but here he was about to enter another system where he cannot escape just to be by himself because he knows that people will always be around him whether he wanted to or not. But is life in boarding school better than what his life is like right now at the mercy of the foster care system?     
  Fitzgerald Grant is an ordinary boy. He's got loads of friends, the hottest girl in school, rich parents and money to spend on brand-name clothes. He is well-respected and the fact that he is the son of the principal of the school is just icing on the fabulous cake. When he was assigned by his mother and uncle  to shadow and take care of a new student that was given full scholarship to attend his school, the seventeen years of his life on this earth that he has always known is about to be rocked and possibly turned upside down. Little did he know that the new boy named Cayden would leave a permanent mark on his perfect and at times envious life. What is he to do??!    
  This is a BoyxBoy story. You've been warned. This will be a Rated R story.  Let me know if this story intrigues your curiosity.    
  p/s: This story is Rated R for obvious reasons. So far Chapter 4, 7, & 9 have been made 'private' by Wattpad. And to read it, you must 'FOLLOW ME' and re-add the story to your library before removing them. Just thought you should know. Sorry! ;)

Breloyal Breloyal Oct 09, 2016
Great chapter, however, the main dude needs to relax. I really don't like it when people count themselves out before even trying all because of some notion they have about themselves.
ThakifIman ThakifIman Feb 01, 2016
im always imagine him as one of main bottom character when i read any boyxboy story. hahahaha. he is totally suit
Gosh my poor innocent mind is in the GUTTER! 😶😶😅😅
Breloyal Breloyal Oct 09, 2016
He's a little whiny if you ask me. Yeah he's in the system but he's getting in his way without noticing, whilst thinking he knows best.
It's was pretty good so far. I just don't think it was right of them to force him to go. Yes needy kids need that bed, but Cayden IS a needy kid as well
diddle_cam19 diddle_cam19 Jul 28, 2016
Looks like I got a new story to read!!!! First chapter is great!!! But caydence needs to lighten up dude doesn't think about hinself