Familial Desires

Familial Desires

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Have you ever done something you just knew wasn't right? So have Bradford and Kelly. I mean, they're not actually related by blood, but it's still a little weird to be in love with your step sibling. 

They've known each other forever, even before their parents got married, and have the greatest friendship two people could have. But what happens when they pursue each other in a different way and start to see each other in a completely new light? Their emotions will start to get in the way of their judgment, while friends (and enemies) interfere with their relationship and their love for each other is put to the test. 

So much at stake, so many secrets, so much emotion and passion and pain, all because someone liked their stepsister as a little more than just that...

How will Bradford and Kelly's inconceivable story end? Read on to find out.

  • highschool
  • love
  • stepbrother
  • stepsister
Alyssabeasley Alyssabeasley Aug 09, 2016
I totally ship them, but I feel like, at the moment, for Kelly's sake I shouldn't. Oh well, sorry kells, I've gotta do what I've gotta do
LoveCourt_220 LoveCourt_220 Dec 22, 2016
U can't hold on to grudges even tho I do it, but I'm working on it. If you hold on to long it will hurt you eventually
ooheyitsme123 ooheyitsme123 Feb 15, 2016
What was that 'brad is a ass who has a massive ego' sounds about right
BillysPancakes BillysPancakes Jun 14, 2016
We eat dinner together every night, even if it's just watching tv while eating
xsxini xsxini Jan 16, 2016
Okay then you go get the cross and I shall get the holy water LEGGO!!!!!
xsxini xsxini Jan 16, 2016
At first I was unsure about this book but now I'm hooked!  :-)