Betrayal in Elysium [malexmale]

Betrayal in Elysium [malexmale]

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[Book 4] Abel's life is in ruins. After a lifetime of betrayal and agony, he's decided that he shouldn't bother with relationships. Besides, who had time for it with the Titans on the move? And yet, his heart still aches each time his brother passes a hot stare in his direction, even the occasional sneer makes him yearn to be loved again. But should he dare?


[Warning: Contains adult themes, graphic content, and incest]
[Trigger Warning: Rape]

  • abel
  • bible
  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • cain
  • christian
  • creature
  • gore
  • greek
  • manxman
  • monster
  • mythology
  • underworld
dustinnev dustinnev May 12
                              ABEL, NO GO. DON'T YOU DARE GO BACK TO THAT BITCCH.
HadiferIsMyBitch HadiferIsMyBitch 3 days ago
Ah Hades. This was a time. I feel like he's grown up so much more now.
_MobiusStrip_ _MobiusStrip_ 6 days ago
*sets phone down* 
                              *takes deep breath* 
                              * gives myself a minute to process wtf is going on* 
                              “ okay i think I’m ready to continue”
I love it when ur rereading a book and then u see people react to this it's cute tbh hahahaha ~
Dracosana Dracosana May 17
Calm down there Able, let's go pick you out a girl from a bar instead, Cain pretty sure hates you,
do people not understand that greek mythology is literally all about incest? if you can’t handle that,
                              you can’t handle greek mythology lol.