The Dark Side (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

The Dark Side (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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ashlyn ❄ By neige- Updated Aug 17

Annabeth Chase is stuck between choosing Percy Jackson or Luke Castellan. But what happens when she chooses Luke over Percy?

Percy never liked Luke. He always got suspicious whenever he was around Luke. After all, he was a child of Hermes. 

So what happens when Luke goes past the line and makes Percy glad he joined Kronos' forces?

Bad things happen. Camp Half Blood soon realizes they need Percy back after he leaves. Annabeth realizes her mistake. Luke goes mad with power. 

And that's just the beginning of it.


I'm like crying over here like a sad little potato. wtf. And this is just the first part! Schist
I can deal without Percabeth 
                              It's my favorite ship
                              But sometimes I gotta take a break.
Fallen, lay, nameless. (Like all the demigods that died, but were never mentioned.)
samiwamipoo samiwamipoo Nov 06, 2015
needs more romance and drama, but other than that its pretty good
xEquanimity xEquanimity May 27, 2015
I've never liked Percabeth (or Annabeth, herself for that matter) so you just made my day. 
christmascookie26 christmascookie26 Jul 29, 2014
make your choice wise Annabeth!!!! one wrong decision and her is your life I   down to tartars (the I is a an arrow pointing down BTW)
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