To Seduce A Stranger{TeacherXStudent Romance}

To Seduce A Stranger{TeacherXStudent Romance}

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xxAllisenxx By xxAllisenxx Updated Oct 07, 2012

For Arianna White, it was just a normal trip to the club. Another night to be wild, to be wreckless. But this night has an exception; she can't stay away from one particular guy. Though she knows she shouldn't, she lets him take her to bed. And the next day, she escapes without having to face him or consequences. That is 'til she sees him at the front of the classroom the first day of school.

Shane West was heart broken when he noticed a pretty girl across the dance floor. Soon he was seduced into picking up his keys, opening up his front door, and falling into bed with a complete stranger. And when he wakes up, he awakens to an empty space next to him. Instantly he wishes that he could see her again--but that wish might come true in a way he doesn't want it to.

A dicey one night stand, a seductress at her best, and a shameful teacher who still can't get enough. These are all the makings of a teacherXstudent romance

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imanilovR5 imanilovR5 Jul 15, 2016
Wow you just met him and it seems like you too are going to have sex.
Anzella Anzella Aug 22, 2013
this seems a little similar to when summer ends by dazedandconfused...
allisenc allisenc Jun 21, 2012
SO GOOD! You guys are going to be a really great team! Your both phenominal authors.
almostgone almostgone Feb 27, 2012
Yep. Wish granted, I felt it all. Reading on. Great start by the way. Xxx
happily_hopeless happily_hopeless Feb 20, 2012
Pleeeeze upload more!!! Its a great srory so far!!! And upload more of amortentia too!
EmmettKing EmmettKing Feb 10, 2012
Oooohh a teacher and student! They are always so scandolous!