That Fateful Day

That Fateful Day

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Etta Ritchie By Eh-Duh Updated Jan 07, 2016

When all else is lost, what does a person do? Who do they turn to? 

 Erin  is walking along the beach, really dejected and upset, because the divorce was finalized with his wife, Carol- whom he caught cheating with his best friend, Erik. He sits down and stares out at the waves, when he hears a whimper. He looks around and a little blob moves. It's a puppy! And it's alive! He gets up, quickly and goes to it. It's hurt, hungry and scared. What should he do?

 ~  Amy is a widowed woman with two kids. She is upset because today marks the 2 year anniversary of her husband's death. To get the kid's minds off of the sadness, she takes them to the beach. On the way home, her youngest, Emmett, notices that Flomar, the little border collie she had given him, is missing!   What will she do? Surely he has ran away. Trying to make it up to Emmett, she makes posters and while he is at school, posts them at the beach.  Some time goes by, with no return. Amy is about to lose hope, when all of the sudden, her phone rings and it changes her life forever. 

~*~ WARNING!! Some subject matter and language is not suitable for children or young people!! Please be advised!~*~

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mollstermagnet mollstermagnet May 01, 2017
My cats actually act like they are dogs, they're brother and sister and they grew up with dogs for the first year so now they act like dogs. My best friend always gets scared cause he just walks into the house and they attack him before they realise who it is 😂😂
BetweenProjects BetweenProjects May 28, 2016
Good start... but Erin must be a big guy to just pick up a two year old border collie like that....
castawho castawho Aug 03, 2016
God I have to remind myself that she's probably just a teenager.
EM_Reids EM_Reids Jul 28, 2016
Why is she clearing out his stuff. I would kick her out and sell it, just so I don't have to be reminded of her.
saiidah saiidah Mar 21, 2015
question: is Erin a female or male name? cos, by convention, it's usually female.