A Rejected Mate

A Rejected Mate

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This is a story of the Beta's little sister; Cason Matthews. Who woke up on her 16th birthday with high hopes of meeting her mate. The one person she will spend her forever with.  But when finding out that her mate is her brother's best friend, as well as the pack's Alpha things tend to take a turn for the worst. His name is; Axel Shae, and to say he has high expectations is an understatement. Almost immediately Axel rejects poor Cason. The only solution she believed was best was to leave her pack as soon as possible.. Now years later Cason must return home and deal with all that she left behind.


  • alpha
  • mate
  • rejection
Night_Sky_Wolf Night_Sky_Wolf Sep 04, 2017
Even if I do I'd probably get bored and never even continue it
monstraslymajectic monstraslymajectic May 31, 2017
Lolz , I'm shook ,😳😳 I wanna put the same thing in front of my story 😂😂 but mines trash so I don't really care 😂
Werewolves_are_real2 Werewolves_are_real2 Jul 15, 2016
Everyone is taking this wrong i have a story with a similar plot but it is not the same because i did not take it word for word
_-Akira-Chan-_ _-Akira-Chan-_ Jun 25, 2016
Wow this brings back memories  XD this was the first story I ever read and I had a different account back then
DTLblaze DTLblaze Feb 15, 2016
If I see anyone copying this, I will personally hunt them down and kill them with all my power! ahah ;)
Etheril Etheril Nov 06, 2016
Expectations; to be a stupid clichè book where they end up together in the end, which will obviously happen lol 
                              but I'll see how it goes