Falling apart [Twilight]

Falling apart [Twilight]

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Trust always end in pain. At least that's what Isabella swan, A vampire for over 150 years believes. Bella went through a lot in that time and is kind of falling apart on the inside. She has lived alone for almost all of that time and due to a lot of bad experiences she is extremely frightened of vampire/covens. When she moves to Forks and sees the Cullens, how will she react? Will she ever fully trust them all, let alone Love them. This is a different version of Twilight, and a different Bella.
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twisting_vines twisting_vines Mar 15, 2016
This is the first twilight story on here so far that I found that had make complete sentences and had proper grammar.
Sorry Bella theirs 7 in the coven but only the 5 go to school :/
Fanfictions_R_Life Fanfictions_R_Life Jan 15, 2015
What did Edward do? Did she really fall for his human game or did she know because it seemed like she didn't know that he was a vampire.
Demonhuntress0619 Demonhuntress0619 Aug 21, 2014
As I turned him into ash, as i turned him into nothing- Edward Cullen
Demonhuntress0619 Demonhuntress0619 Aug 21, 2014
City of Ashes all over again, raphael: I am your sire simon: What the?! Hell no!
Demonhuntress0619 Demonhuntress0619 Aug 21, 2014
More like: Venom Venom Venom everywhere, why does that sound like a song?