The Enchantress and the Frog

The Enchantress and the Frog

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Laura Jardine By LauraJardine Completed

The second Foggy Hill Fairy Tale. A retelling of The Princess and the Frog.

Evangeline Rutherford is possibly the world's worst enchantress. But for the past few months, she's been operating a successful side business. After finding fluorescent blue mushrooms in an abandoned house in Foggy Hill, she's been using them to make FluBlu, an important ingredient in magic potions and recreational drugs in the enchanting world. The extra cash allows her to buy Jimmy Choo shoes and a Kate Spade purse. This is the life!

But it all comes to an end when she falls asleep while making FluBlu and starts a fire. Jonathan McLintock, the town's fire chief and her enemy, puts out the fire and scolds her for her carelessness. Unfortunately, FluBlu interacts with testosterone, and Jonathan is accidentally turned into a frog. Even worse, he kisses Evangeline, turning her into a frog, too.

Now they must go on a quest to find a princess who will kiss them both and make them human again. They will have to battle giant waterfowl and evil elves, and Evangeline will have to prove herself as an enchantress if they're going to make it out alive...