Draykon (Book One of the Draykon Series)

Draykon (Book One of the Draykon Series)

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Charlotte E. English By CharlotteEnglish Completed

Legends tell of creatures the size of houses, with wings as vast as the sails of great ships. Their scaled hides glittered like caskets of jewels, and from their massive jaws they breathed gouts of pure fire. The draykoni once ruled the skies of the Seven Realms, uncontested and unstoppable - so the stories say. But they are only tales.

Aren't they?

When Llandry Sanfaer discovers a new type of jewel, her life changes forever. Wonderful and terrible, the gem exerts a strange influence over those who behold it. Soon people are dying for it, and Llandry herself becomes a target.

This is only the beginning.
What is this starry jewel, that no one can resist? Who is the killer that stalks the night, stealing the gems from their murdered owners? And why does the gem call so powerfully, so irresistibly, to Llandry herself?

Llandry's destiny cannot be denied. A shy jeweller is about to learn that sometimes, even the most far-fetched story might prove to be the plain, simple truth.

  • animals
  • dragons
  • fantasy
  • femaleleads
  • mystery
  • shapeshifters
  • sorcery
  • suspense
IAmNaima IAmNaima Jul 06
Sorry I couldn't help but pronounce her name as Laundry.😝
BradYounie BradYounie Aug 04
Very well written first paragraph. Caught my interest even though there was no real action. Either start with action or start with great prose, and you certainly delivered.
Amazing! What a good start! Descriptive and emersing! I love it!
pelicanlord pelicanlord Sep 22
What does it actually look like, because at the moment i am imagining a grey meerkat with a stubby tale
The wings could be butterfly or dragon and I also thought that she was human
Meritus20 Meritus20 Sep 06
I loved reading the draykon so much that i read it twice...when i got to lokant on smashwords it was just part...the price against my countries currency is overwhelming...but i could still manage to buy if i can pick it up where i stay in Nigeria and pay cash...online shopping is cramped from here.