Improve Your Book

Improve Your Book

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Arianthie By MagicalTulip Updated 20 hours ago

#8 in Non-Fiction  (20/02/2018)

In this book you will find a variety of ways to 'polish' your novel or Wattpad story. 

Forget about  'said', 'asked' or 'look'. There are different ways to say what you want that don't  get boring.

You need the right description for a character, his actions or his behavior? 

Here you will come across everything you need to make your book shine.

Feel free to request for something more specific that you would like in the comment section.

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You can also change the font of your writing to make it easier to spot mistakes.
nebuIae nebuIae Jul 15, 2017
I had to go through countless internet browsing to improve my writing in order to get me an A* in English during my O levels. If I found this book then, that would be a lot easier!
This keeps confusing me a lot when I write my books which is an important part. When I’m using verbs I’m thought to use past tense but some authors use present tense. Which one I should use
R_J_Olympus R_J_Olympus Jul 10, 2017
This is a good article, thanks! There are some good (free) programs out there that check how often you use certain words in your writing, which I find useful. vocabgrabber is one of the best for this IMO.
I can see this book being very helpful to me! I hope there’s a chapter based on dialogue (especially making it realistic) because that’s something I struggle with.
babedior babedior Nov 12, 2017
great advice,if I actually start applying every tip & step to my chapters I'll be writing 1 chapter for a week ahahaa