Hollowed Soul

Hollowed Soul

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Ichigo Kurosaki had died the night that Gran Fisher attacked him becoming something inhuman. Ichigo is taught by his father Isshin Kurosaki and Kisuke Uharara what he has now become and how to use his newfound powers to make sure that others don't meet the same fate as him. Life will never be the same again for Ichigo as he has to use his powers to protect his home town and the people that he loves and cares for.

A Bleach fanfiction story

Ichigo Kurosaki X Orihime Inoe

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EternalDawning EternalDawning May 13, 2017
You should probably rephrase this. It sounds like she's trying to stop him from calling out his own name, rather than stopping him by calling his name.
EternalDawning EternalDawning May 13, 2017
Ellipsis are only three, not five.
                              Other than that...
                              THAT'S HIS BLOODY REACTION??? He should be a little distraught if you ask me. Maybe a little filled with despair... this just seems too forced.
EternalDawning EternalDawning May 13, 2017
Don't use slashes in your writing. Trust me, it's not a great idea.
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Aug 22, 2016
ive read this fic 2x and am starting my 3rd time thru it on ff net but I'm gunna post my comments here since u can only review chapters once on ff net since ive already posted reviews for most of the chapters over there so now I can give author chan more reviews over here XD
Gh0stflame Gh0stflame Jan 23, 2016
God's already loving this story, and I find it hard to like most stories
AnimeProblem AnimeProblem Mar 31, 2015
by the way the hollows name is not gran fisher it is grand fisher