The Nerd Is The Badass

The Nerd Is The Badass

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Julie Peralta By ReadMeLikeAnOpenBook Updated Sep 19, 2014

Charlie is a girl whose most known as a "Nerd". She disguises her true emotions with a nerdy facade. She has two older brothers and a dad. So, you can say she's a bit of a tomboy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   While Chase? Well he is simply THE most handsome guy in Richley Academy. Not to mention he's the academy's headmaster's son. He is rich, handsome and powerful.  

 With them being opposites, can they learn to depend on each other and trust one another with their life? Or will they choose to ignore each other and put their lives at risk?            

                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>Secrets will be revealed, problems will arise and love will blossom.   Would there be hope under the bundle of mess that will probably either make or break Charlie?  

    ©Julie Peralta, 2014

tata-tooni tata-tooni Apr 21
The only things that popped into my mind was #hannie (Hayden Summerall+Annie Leblanc
Writer3601 Writer3601 Jul 16
First glance thought Luke Hemmings was Cody Carson OMG I need glasses
BaeBeBi BaeBeBi Aug 02
I have a niece (she's technically my niece by marriage even though she's older than me) that, pardon my French, is, what I assume, a whøre. She got pregnant at the age of 14 and now has a young son. She was one of the "popular girls" in my school. She annoyed the hełł out of me.
Alamatrix Alamatrix Apr 02
I actually do this same thing
                              I'm a bit geeky
                              I love reading and I'm from a loud sporty family
                              I reach to school for six so I can read in peace and quiet till seven
Omg Tiffany did you hear Stephanie is having an affair with Bethany's boyfriend, Timor. 😂
Why am I thinking about Tiffany from Girls Generations (snsd)