Street Justice Charlie's Angel  NOW 28 Chapters

Street Justice Charlie's Angel NOW 28 Chapters

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Samantha Fury By samanthafury Updated Jan 13, 2011

This is a preview of Book 1 Street Justice Charlie's Angel   Learn more at my website Come to my website email me and I'll give you a coupon for the whole book from Smashwords. 

     Charlie's life in Northern Ohio is  ordinary and consistent.   When her dad loses his job, fighting becomes an every day event. Moving in with her sister only makes matters worse. Her life is turned upside down.
      In a desperate  attempt  to find a safe haven,she ends up on the streets of Chicago. Here she's introduced to a different kind of world. A place where crime lords and women of the night come out to play.
     Charlie finds herself at the mercy of Rico DeLusa, a local crime king. When she begins having feelings for one of Rico's employees, Angel Blackwell, she wonders if she's out of her element. Is she being drawn into their world, instead of being a light in a dark place?
     Blackmail, prostitution and drugs were never a part of her life, but they are now  She finds herself in the middle of a fight between good and evil. She needs the strength to overcome, the wisdom to make the right choices, and the insight to follow what is right
     Instead of listening to her heart. . .

samanthafury samanthafury Jul 28, 2013
@Rach1dtomlinson Hey did you want to read all of it, just let me know and I can give you a smashwords coupon.
samanthafury samanthafury Jan 18, 2012
Check out a free read of chapter 5 and I'll be adding more chapters to my book on wattpard..
samanthafury samanthafury Feb 12, 2011
I voted.  I only have dogs, and fish.. lol no kids.  I have been editing more than writing of late.  I like Charlie shes stong like I wish i was.  im your fan already.. great to hear from you ... 
                              Do you have any books published yet.
MommyMagic MommyMagic Feb 12, 2011
@samanthafury The baby is 6 mo old.  She's the youngest of 4.  
                              Yes, I've been writing.  Of course.  Check out my profile.  You know that I'd love to have your eyes.  Your Charlie holds a strong faith.  My Sarah is a doubting Thomas.  Vote and Fan.
samanthafury samanthafury Feb 10, 2011
@AnnaSpear Hey so cool I just put it on sale on kindle for 3.99  great.  I'm trying to smile.. lol!  Have you been writing any have been so busy.. just trying to keep things updated.. lol!!
                              Book two is almost ready.. I can't wait for you guys to see it..