Raptured ◈ Sasuke Uchiha

Raptured ◈ Sasuke Uchiha

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Angel By RedBurnGirl Completed

Book 1 of Raptured Trilogy

His mind is filled
with beautiful things,
past revelations
and future sins.

He takes me to places
that I've never been,
to the edge of light
where darkness begins.

-Christy Ann Martine

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UrTheWeridoNotMe UrTheWeridoNotMe Mar 17, 2018
Lmao same i have a pixie with the side shaved if it werent for boobs mose people would think i was male
_Itachi_25 _Itachi_25 May 21, 2018
bruh my cousin gets called a girl from a guy that his long as a woman I was laughing so hard I thought I was about to die
BrujiitaBaby BrujiitaBaby Jun 01, 2018
atleast Sasuke’s first kiss wasn’t by Naruto this time lmao
Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Jul 27, 2018
I have boobs so I'm not mistaken lol. Sorry small boobed people, we don't mean to set your fate for you