BRIGHT - Books 1 & 2

BRIGHT - Books 1 & 2

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Erin Latimer By ELatimer Updated Oct 21, 2016

What happens when the new guy at school makes you glow? Literally.  

When Olivia Peterson meets Daniel Blake on the first day back to school, she is completely unimpressed with him. For starters, he introduces himself by pulling her into the janitor's broom closet. Who DOES that? Not to mention, Oliva begins to think that maybe he has problems with the truth. He says he knows her, that they've met before.

But that's impossible. Because she would have remembered the boy with stars in his eyes.

In a split second, a flash of light, OIivia is pulled into a battle between two unstoppable forces. Mystical beings who battle for dominance in a world beyond our own.  She has Daniel to guide her, and Steven, a warrior from the other side who claims to be part of a rebellion. But soon Oliva finds herself caught between the two men, and walking a precariously fine line between her heart and her head. She can't let emotions cloud her judgment, or put her trust in someone who doesn't deserve it, because the consequences might be fatal.

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- - Apr 05, 2016
This is quite possibly one of the best ways I've seen a book started in a while.
JessieLeeJones78 JessieLeeJones78 May 06, 2016
You have my patience and my full attention! Looking forward to diving deep into the world you have created!  Thanks for putting it all out there.
-Nichole- -Nichole- Jun 11, 2016
I don't know if I want to read this it not yet. I hate love triangles.
born-rebel born-rebel Aug 04, 2015
noooooo..... you changed it :( .. I like the typical ussually as soft as a bunny one better... :(
Alqurais Alqurais Jul 23, 2015
Wait so is this like a first book in a jotun series or something cause it looks like it
bgkbest bgkbest May 06, 2014
What is the sequel called if there is one when are you releasing it?!! I need answers!! Lol, your book is epic. Keep up the good work ;)