Project Baekyeol: How to Seduce Your High School Crush

Project Baekyeol: How to Seduce Your High School Crush

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The 2min seduction mission was a major success and no one could be happier for the cute couple, but now, there is a new mission. 

Chanyeol is a tall, lanky junior with a messy mop of curly brown hair, large square glasses for his big brown eyes, and a 100 watt crack smile, who was infatuated was none other than Byun Baekhyun. 

Byun Baekhyun is a smart, sassy senior with a diva streak. He wish very popular among the girls for his listening and advice skills. The short brown haired, brown eyed boy loved his eyeliner. He is the sweetest boy anyone could ever meet, unless you touch his eyeliner.

This time the plan is much more devious and exciting, with the help of the boys again, they all couldn't wait for the caios to begin!


This is the sequel to How to Seduce Your Straight Best Friend.  Enjoy 

Please if you are 14 or younger turn back. It makes me severly uncomfortable when people so young read my content because of certain scenes, which is why it is rated mature.
 If you for some reason didnt read the tags and are shocked with the fact that, yes, there is a little bit of chansoo just like the first story had taekai and dislike that then DO NOT READ. I am tired of comments about how this is not what you wanted or came for. Sorry not sorry, thats part of the plot. Dont read it if you don't like it but do not complain about your feelings of dislike for how i wrote MY story in the comments, especially when this was being written the chapters used were chosen by the readers themselves. Thanks!

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camv11 camv11 Feb 21
I read this with a weird accent I don’t even know from where is it or what xd
yexingde_yifannn yexingde_yifannn Sep 09, 2017
Idk if it's just me but I hate it when people make them change glasses for contacts. Be yourself man
camv11 camv11 Feb 21
I’m sorry, I keep laughing because my classmate is named Kevin
                              Y te va a navajear equisdw
ImOutcast ImOutcast May 16, 2017
I remember cutting my a-little-below-shoulder-length hair to a boys style but I was so happy about that. While everyone else was sorry for my hair.
Hun, we don't need the extra D in the smile. He can have some later 😂😆😂
byunsgf byunsgf Dec 10, 2016
kyungsoo is screaming what about us and lowkey smiling to hide the pain