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Rouge Princess

Rouge Princess

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Magykcaster By Magykcaster Completed

Angela wasn't the sort of princess you'd finde in a fairytale story with talking animals, magical fairies, and handsome princes. Her story is filled with death, despair, and treachery.
Angela had been a rouge princess for as long as she could remember. Her best friend was a thief, she rarely attened her lessons, and loved to avoid the castle guards when she was in trouble.
When she turned seventeen her life changed. Her father was murdered and the castle was taken under siege. Running for her life, she was taken in by her friend's family. Playing the role of a common theif, she befriends the low-lives of the city and sets out to gather information on her father's killer. With her new friends at her side, she plans vengeance and uncovers the seed of deception that led her life to ruins.

boobooaddison boobooaddison Dec 02, 2013
Wow u r really talented at riding please update sooooooooo pppllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeessssseee uuuuuupppppddddddaaaaaattttteeeee so please update great booooooooooooook
nillyxx nillyxx Feb 13, 2013
It sounds really good so far :)
                              Are you planning on continuing it?
littlefeather littlefeather Feb 13, 2013
                              I agree this book is soo AMAZINGLY COOL PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE
Sunhat126 Sunhat126 Sep 22, 2012
I really like this! it sounds interesting, was wondering if your gonna continue or not? I hope you do, cause your a talented author :)