Alpha King!

Alpha King!

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ThisChick199876 By ThisChick199876 Updated Oct 13, 2013

Princess Addison Robinson, princess of the Crystal Forrest of Texas, She is the sweetest princess you will ever meet. She cares for others, loving, and and has a good heart. She has the perfect ideal mate.

- At least 6'7
- Bright blue eyes
- Sweet
- Caring 
- Loving
- Good Hearted 
- Most of will give her attention 

Meet Alpha King Charles James A.K.A - C.J, C.J is the Alpha King Of California. He could care less if he had a mate. A few words that people describe him are :

- Cold-Hearted 
- Jerk
- Asshole
- Hothead
 - Sexy

blondixC145 blondixC145 Sep 27, 2017
Girl is Liam or Dylan looking for mates? If so I volunteer as tribute. 
                              In a couple years obviously.
JesusLordHimself JesusLordHimself Mar 09, 2017
Hey guys I just was looking  at tbe account  and it dosent have any activity  
                              I think maybe this account doesn't even work anymore  no one is using  it
AppleRose1021 AppleRose1021 Jul 02, 2017
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! Next update pretty please! This book is really good!
RavensAvenger RavensAvenger Oct 06, 2016
I love Texas actually I'm from Texas so that's exciting. I only have one request go back and fix errors. They weren't major and you could still read. I just love this book so far. Thank you for doing Texas instead of New York like most people.😁
TheScarletWriter24 TheScarletWriter24 Jun 14, 2016
TEXAS! WOO-HOO!! First story where they are in texas I've read
LemonMintRain LemonMintRain Mar 06, 2017
OMG I love this book!! And not just because my names Addison too !! 😆