Desperate Measures (Teen Wolf) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Desperate Measures (Teen Wolf) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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Brooke By JustMe52 Completed

Ellie McCall planned on having a normal sophomore year in high school. She had her twin brother, Scott, and her best friend, Stiles, to help make this year amazing. 

Everything changed when Scott was bitten by a werewolf. The three of their lives do a complete one eighty. Ellie didn't expect herself to be worrying about werewolves, deaths, or harmful things happening to everyone she cares about. That's not how a normal high school student's life is supposed to go. 

The one thing keeping Ellie sane is her best friend, Stiles Stilinski. The guy she has been crushing on for two years.

cover by: @sighstiles

Infires_Myself Infires_Myself Jun 23, 2017
I can't date yet, but I dated behind my family's back😂😂😂
011RedBalloons 011RedBalloons Mar 26, 2017
That was the first sarcastic remark Stiles had ever made *Memories*
worldwidecutie worldwidecutie Sep 12, 2016
I love tv series too. I have like a hundred of tv series seasons in our house. I cant finnish all of them cause my mom want me too focus in my studies. Lol
ValiantAngels ValiantAngels Sep 17, 2016
Id just find it so awks bc Bro and Sis Friends witht the same guy., like
-Natty- -Natty- Sep 04, 2016
Cause it's such a joy to find half a body in the middle of the woods and the best part is there's still the other half to find
miraculoushowlter miraculoushowlter Dec 13, 2016
I love how this is like "I have decided to write -a- Teen Wolf fan fiction" and then you end up writing like 2 series, and 1356731 books that are TW