lucifer's darling ❦ EDITING

lucifer's darling ❦ EDITING

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"Unfortunately, Lucifer; Lord of the Underworld, Keeper of Deaths Gates, Devil. Was real, and no, he was not some short red painted figure with horns and a stick. No, he was much more, deceptive, Elysian and complex. He can be whatever - everything and anything because Lucifer is a fallen angel and once upon a time he was the favourite of all." 

I guess opposites do attract,

but do remember to wake up and smell the roses, or you just might miss it.



 © @hivickyy This is a work of fiction and does not aim to harm any religious belief in any way. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form.

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I suppose this means someone important (important character) died because of Lucifer. Don't worry authornim even if I judge them keep in mind that I'm controlled by my emotions :')
Miraichan15 Miraichan15 May 14
Y'all get it now???? Ruler of hell. He ain't supposed to be nice.
SulahM SulahM Jun 26
Also Lucifer is acting upon his feelings of being cast away and unloved, as well as what the Fates have him do
I find it amusing because from our perspective, the writer is the "Fates" of the story haha
DublinxGirl DublinxGirl May 20
Well, I cant believe some people would click on a story that clearly says in the title that its about the Devil...and somehow be offended? Like they expect Satan to be a nice guy or politically correct? lmao
DonnaFerdinand DonnaFerdinand 3 days ago
Therefore saying the "writer" is controlling everything these characters  do without them knowing.