Lucifer's Darling

Lucifer's Darling

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"The devil is real. He is not a little short man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful, he can be everything you want. Because he is a fallen angel and he used to be God's favourite"

But she was good. Too good, for him. He was bad. To bad, for her. She craved for him to see the fire in her eyes and to play with it. He craved for her to see his good side covered by the darkness. 

I guess opposites do attract. 


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Whose gonna tell her that he isn't her nightmare, but dream?
Dragon_Draws Dragon_Draws 3 days ago
That sounded like my mum talking to her friends about me (but it’s in a joking manner guys, it’s fine I’m okay)
boobookian boobookian 3 days ago
Sleep is for the weak... and I’m the weakest person I know 😴😴
Doesn't sloth just mean being lazy and stuff?? I never really went to church so idrk....but like, isn't that what it means??
Aquila_Raven Aquila_Raven 4 days ago
Until now I thought it was a "Supernatural" fanfic...  I'll have to put it in another list😂
aphroditedd aphroditedd Dec 05
I like how it’s not new or original is recognized. That’s different. Most Wattpad books make it some special only she ever was chosen thing.