Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

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Sanvers_Camren13 By Sanvers_Camren13 Updated Aug 11, 2017

Camila and Ally both attend Langley falls high school in the small town of Langley falls. Given the fact that they spend their free time reading books about werewolves, they get bullied by the cheer and basketball team relentlessly almost every day.

Lauren, Dinah, and Normani are pretty much popular and are known as the mysterious three, since they have this creepy demeanor around them, and lives just outside of town in the woods, without any parents. Lauren and the girls would help Camila and Ally out, sometimes.

One night on a full moon, while walking home from the library, Camila and Ally hear whimpering coming from the woods. Looking to help out the poor defenseless animal, they go towards the noise. What they didn't expect however, is to see three injured giant wolves laying down helplessly.

Camila and Ally are then more involved in the supernatural world then what they ever expected. Especially Camila.

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^but ik they won't bully me physically 'cause I always put my scary face on and don't talk to others unless you're my friend🤷🏼‍♀️
Bro if someone did this to me irl I’d probably just joke along with them or some shįt like that
My baby selly is a bully😭 why... anyway i just love selena
Why don't u stfu or ill shove that basketball up ur ass yeah?
The fact I can imagine this like a movie makes so excited, Lauren is so badass
I'm not a huge fan, but why the frick does her voice sounds so soothing.