Staying Professional  (KHR)

Staying Professional (KHR)

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~<3P By LuvPatissiere Updated May 04, 2017

What If...Tsuna gave Reborn hints that he'd like him but Reborn brushed it off..

'Stay Professional' The Hitman though.

'Nothing more...Nothing less..'

Until finally the day Tsuna gave up, also getting the hints nothing would come of it..he had no chance..

'....s-so beat It I don't care anymore!'

He thought sobbing..

That was the day Tsuna lasted showed his personal feelings..and it Stayed Professional, and it's Staying Professional, Nothing More and Nothing Less..

Unless a certain someone's cousin steal him away..would Reborn notice?

Or is it the New guy who Tsuna is slowly getting along with?

Disclaimer: I Don't Own KHR!! & Picture

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editanime_27 editanime_27 Mar 28, 2017
Is he crying?! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴Please tell me he ain't that's too sad for me
Oh wait,if he doesn't notice you,try making him jealous😈😈😈😈😈
editanime_27 editanime_27 Mar 28, 2017
Well wow heartache and alone that's a great way to try and be happy =_= mama where are you when Tsu-chan needs you!!! *shouts loudly into the sky*
editanime_27 editanime_27 Mar 28, 2017
If they're dead. I deny that. 
                              If they're alive. Then WHERE ARE YOU GUYS HELP TSU-CHAN?!?!??!?!
ki1ira ki1ira Jul 14, 2017
'This will be a cute fic' I tought
                              'R27 is always sweet' I tought
                              'Nothing can go wrong' I tought...
                              Oh dear my anexity always right...