Girls Like You ('Like You' series # 1)

Girls Like You ('Like You' series # 1)

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MissWildRoses By MissWildRoses Updated Jun 29, 2017

He looked right at her. Straightening himself up as he opened his mouth. 

"That's just the thing." He said with a low voice. 

Saige looked to him as if daring him to continue. 

"People talk. I've heard the story's. Girls like that demand the attention of the room. They walk in and people stare. Because people talk, and they know the stories. This whole town knows some story about her, and they know she's unwavering." 

"Girls like who?" Saige asked leaning against her bike. The race had just ended and people were talking, handing in their bets. 

"Girls like you."

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