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She's a soft-hearted omega who never deserved the terrible life she had. 
He's the terrifying Dark Alpha who would kill without a second thought.

Layla is an omega in her pack and was given to her Alpha when she was young to be a personal servant for him. She's been tortured, mocked and beaten beyond repair but still has a golden heart with a beautiful smile. Her mate would never find her since she is meant to be locked up in her territory for her whole life to serve Alpha Micheal. That is, until the Dark Alpha comes along for a meeting that turns into a whole new world for her.

Erebus is known as the Dark Alpha that will kill anyone who stands in his way no matter what, he began searching for his mate by meeting other packs in hopes to find her. But after so much time of being feared by all it's hard to think anyone could love someone so heartless. 
What happens when he finds that his mate is a shy omega that is scared of her own shadow?

The Sequel to this book is Belle. Go check it out! 

Cover made by: AmberiaMunitiea

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