Rejection is not an option

Rejection is not an option

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Hey, fam By 1Chelsea Updated Jul 11, 2014

They say all is fair in love and war.... well I'm about to put it to the test.

Ginger is 16 she's always been quiet never one to speak up but when her Damien the packs top warrior and her mate rejects her she changes everything. She's determined to let him know that rejection is not and option!

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Hold up.. A dress for $3,000.... Ummm I would be wild or I wouldn't buy the dress...
Zalvetta Zalvetta Jul 19
Oh my god...Damien is such an arse!! He says he doesnt want her then goes off about telling her not to do things and trying to see her like that when he himself called her chikd
kaykayMC5 kaykayMC5 Sep 30
Everyone is saying there weight and height and I’m just like I’m makayla 😁
apple55445 apple55445 May 06
Think twice about your choice, cuz it will haunt you your whole life
rac9787 rac9787 Sep 20
Y'all lucky bîtches. I'm 12, 5'3", and weigh 119.8. I also to cross country, track and basketball.
shyanne899 shyanne899 Oct 20
That dress better secure my spot in heaven or is a get out of hell free pass for so much money 😒😑