Dark Descendants (Vampire Diaries)

Dark Descendants (Vampire Diaries)

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Whitney By Thepuppetmaster Completed

"Technically you apologized for two things." I said, not really sure how to respond. I held up two fingers to his face and he kissed them sweetly, making me blush pink.

"Are you going to tell me?" He whispered. I gulped. Brain going fuzzy, heart beating eratically, breath labored. I was hopelessly lost in his eyes. Gosh since when did I become such a hopless romantic?

"Trying to hurt people I care about don't make me want to forgive you." I responded softly, my eyes drifting to his lips. They quirked up into a half smirk and I quickly returned my eyes to his. My breath caught in my throat. They were full of lust and I was no longer sure if I would be able to resist.

"You really want to kiss me right now don't you?"

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Issac_is_HOT Issac_is_HOT Jul 30, 2017
Exactly how I feel when a book that is really good is left unfinished😂😭😂😭
Bite_Me15 Bite_Me15 Jan 08, 2017
Me : well if you must know I'm Arielle the mermaid 
                              Klaus :?? 
                              Me : haven't you watched Disney?
SamBookLove SamBookLove Sep 18, 2016
I would've never  thought that paying attention in geography would be useful. Especially because I hate that subject
Alyna_Kp Alyna_Kp Nov 18, 2016
No, actually the siphons/vampire hybrids are called heretics. Rebekah made it clear that witches are who keep the balance in nature, and a vampire is an abomination of nature. You can be one or the other. Never both.
ElizabethShadow ElizabethShadow Aug 12, 2012
WTF? I LOVE THIS! OMG this is really really really really really really good.
                              I think I forgot a really....
                              UGH fantastic!
                              <3 Liz