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Jeff The Killer X Reader

Jeff The Killer X Reader

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Courtney Helgesen By TheUntamedArtist Updated Nov 29, 2013

    You walk down the street, your surprisingly calm, though you feel the eyes of people living around here watching you. You know they all think your stupid, i mean theres a killer on the loose in your town, and he could kill you, but your not scared. You know who this killer is, well at least you know his name, what he does, and why. He's Jeff, Jeff the Killer. You've always loved his story, and found him sorta cute, in a... weird, creepy way, but that love for him only went so far. If he ended up trying to kill you one day, you wouldn't hesitate to defend yourself.

    As you walk you feel a strange sense of being watched. At first you think it's just another person in a house, but this is a different feeling, it has an eeriness about it, you start getting goose bumps and shiver, wrapping your arms around you. You walk around the corner to the street that your home is on, as soon as you get around the corner you start walking faster, glancing to your left, then...

DemonDragon13440952 DemonDragon13440952 Dec 22, 2016
Nova-Galaxy Nova-Galaxy Dec 29, 2016
I guess you could say.......
                              Little brother: don't say it.
                              Little Brother: Don't
                              Little Brother: I'm warning you.
                              'Clocked'   XD
                              Little Brother: I hate you so much.
BelWinchesterBlack BelWinchesterBlack Oct 31, 2016
Well idk if i would be scared but i sure as hell would try to defend myself
Little_Miss_Fox Little_Miss_Fox Apr 08, 2016
Me:you wouldn't hurt me would you Jeff?
                              Jeff: Michaela if I tried I would die
WaterFoz8 WaterFoz8 May 31, 2016
Omfg XD When Jeff said boo I farted and it sounded like it XD LOL
fnaflover3 fnaflover3 Dec 03, 2015
That's the best part of being home alone. It's also less clothes to wash.