The Alliance Book 2

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Lisa <3 By Leigh19 Updated 2 years ago
She's back and more immortal than ever. Freshly turned, Trinity Sage tries to pick up the pieces of her life .Going from Hunter to hunted after choosing to turn, Trinity goes on a quest to gain her soul back. So when complications arise and secrets unveil themselves, Trinity finds herself struggling not to become the monster everyone sees her as. When a new enemy makes themselves known and the Alliance being controlled by the pre-existing enemy Trinity finds out the hard way that short cuts aren't so short after all.
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wtf????????????? chapter 2 is all its read......and uh i dont see anything else what the fuck happened!?!
if Ambrose dies .... that will SUCK BIG TIME :'(
                                    Lisa u are a Grea!t
Yeah that was very hot between dalton and trin, I've missed this story hope your going to spoil us with lots and lots of updates xx
Okay - quick comment -  I read this and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT! I MEAN THE DALTY/TRIN part was HOTTTTTTTTTT! But I can't comment yet because I have 20 minutes to get to the shop before it closes. o.o I shall return. Just wanted you to know that Emma was here and loving your story. <3
I'm a little angry with Ambrose but I see where he comes from.. But stilll, poor poor Trinity :((( 
                                    Thank you for uploading and I hope you will upload soon again because I can't get enough of this story! ^-^