Endless Infinities {Enoch O'Connor}

Endless Infinities {Enoch O'Connor}

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Clare Lantin By EmeraldLestrange Updated Jul 12, 2017

Lily Scotts. 16.

An ordinary girl living an ordinary life. 

But that is what she only thinks.

Her life started changing when she discovers something about her. 

She has been receiving photos of strange children from a bird. This is what happens every night. When one night, a photo was not given but a letter was. The letter instructed her to find Jacob Portman, find this certain place, meet Enoch and save the peculiar world.How could she do all of these stupid things?! 

She then starts falling in love with the boy named Enoch but jealousy strikes Jacob. 

How would she be able to keep them from fighting each other? 

Who would she really love?

How would she be able to save the peculiar world? 

Join Lily as she journeys through the world of peculiars with the rest of the peculiar children.

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