Tainted Frost- (Drarry)

Tainted Frost- (Drarry)

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Xin Tan By XinTan4 Updated Jan 05

| A Drarry Fanfiction |
  *Updates once every two weeks (Friday)*

{Contains Self-harm, possible suicide and depression}
 Everything comes with a sacrifice, however big or small it is.
  They thought it would be over the moment Voldemort die.
  They were wrong.
  It was with horror when they realize that another dark spell had been sent to Harry's way moments before Voldemort die as revenge.
  As a result, his right eye was forever blind, lost to even the strongest healing spell. He would never be able to feel true happiness, for his heart was closed to everyone.
  He was broken, the shadow of  the boy he used to be. He was lost, straying from the path he used to walk.
  But if there was one thing that could help, it would have been the pale haired boy who stood silently in the shadows.
  After all, they do say that love comes in the most unexpected places.

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