Blood Love: A Vampire Mindless Behavior Love Story

Blood Love: A Vampire Mindless Behavior Love Story

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MindlessCatBug By ErykahElffChikkAdams Updated Apr 18, 2012


     Personality: She is talkative, and hyper, outgoing, and fun to be around. She doe s have her momnets when she is really slow and you want to slap her but people love her anyways. She is a bit crazy and will get on your nerves, but thats just her she can't help it sometimes. She is a good friend, she will cuss you out if you make her. She loves to sing and dance is and rlly good at it. And like I said she,s crazy so you might not wanna do that.
     Style: Loves to wear neon and black all the time. Converse boots. Loves to dress up and though she is a bit tomboy-ish. Loves heels. shorts. polo aeropostal hollister
     Likes: Animals, singing, dancing, drawing, texting, sleeping and eating, kids
     Fav color: black
     Nickname: Elf

     Personality: can be a bit slow sometimes, errybudy hav ther moments lol, dont take shit form no body. She is smart, make good grades, she a great dancer and singer, and dont get along well with ...

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KC_Slays16 KC_Slays16 Jun 17, 2017
Welp, I found my character😐 minus the prt with being girly and etc but yea!😁👍🏼
Issa_Smexy Issa_Smexy Feb 12, 2017
At first I thought it said she like eating kids. I'm sitting here like what the hell. Like boi 👋👋👋
-DatbadBishRayray -DatbadBishRayray Jun 18, 2015
but it's four of the girls so why they happy cus now they gotta choose
FutureMrsSimmons FutureMrsSimmons Jan 27, 2014
The story is amazing. Erica reminds me of me.oh and please update
LEX_Get_Crackin LEX_Get_Crackin Oct 17, 2012
Pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee continue this is sf good like omfg wdf
ImSoMindless14 ImSoMindless14 Jun 28, 2012
Ilove your story it is really awsome someday u should make part 2 of the story