Black Cat

Black Cat

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You've heard of Were-wolves right? Vampires, Pixies, witches and wizards. Maybe even read a few on Were-beasts, you know the wide spectrum of furry people, sorry people that turn furry or feathery. But have you ever heard of the opposite?

Sybelle Vertigo has a soft spot for animals, especially those cruelly mistreated stray black cats. she scoffs at the old folktales of Witches Familiars, or the urban myths that they bring bad luck. She thinks those people are to stupid to understand.

When she finds a poor abandoned black cat on a rainy day, it will change her life. Sybelle is going to realize how small her world has been up to that moment. But her kind nature may be her undoing in a world where everybody is her enemy and her only friend is a not so simple Black cat.

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14sienna_deathly 14sienna_deathly Jun 04, 2017
Some peace could help headaches... Or maybe it could drive you crazy 😜. It depends on how your body takes it
13NepetaRules15 13NepetaRules15 Apr 04, 2017
You want to know what's funny about this? No...oh well, I don't care.
                              I have a headache and I am listening to the same song😐
14sienna_deathly 14sienna_deathly Jun 04, 2017
Is the yellow plastic wristband supposed to be a makeshift collar or something??
14sienna_deathly 14sienna_deathly Jun 04, 2017
Normal and Right, simple words and commonly thought to have the same meaning but w/ a wise mind the meaning differs almost as much as the distance of the Sun to the Earth
just_a_seagull just_a_seagull Sep 28, 2017
I already know it’s a good book when it uses imagery like this
RunRedRunner RunRedRunner Oct 15, 2016
I like your story it is very detailed and dick does not have a lot of said in it. You know like she said how are you and I said I am doing well and you.