Captain Styles

Captain Styles

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Witty, charming and handsome. Captain Harry Styles ruled the seas as one of the most feared pirates of all time. He raided towns and villages, and plundered all their goods. He had the bounty to show it too.       

Innocent, stubborn and beautiful. Isabella Perkins was one of the most respected governor's daughters of Britain. She was always kind to others but was too afraid to speak out on her true wishes.      

Where do these two collide? On a certain raid, Captain Styles gets his hands on Isabella as a captive for money, but certain situations change everything as Isabella breaks down the 'most feared pirates' walls and discovers secrets she didn't think she'd ever know.      

But once a pirate, always a pirate.     


destinyg28 destinyg28 Aug 02, 2016
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swiggityswagurafag swiggityswagurafag Jul 19, 2016
Was this always the intro like did u always have all three books planned out
selena_deborah selena_deborah Mar 22, 2016
Wow it's sounds so cool and mysterious and the ending once a pirate always a pirate!
cookiebaby101 cookiebaby101 Oct 02, 2016
lol what I saw when I read it: He had the booty to show it too.
InkBookJunkie InkBookJunkie Nov 24, 2015
*balloons appear from nowhere and begin to descend* I'm the hundredth vote! Yay, I love even numbers.
faselblubba99 faselblubba99 May 18, 2015
just wanted to say that this is the third time that i am reading this story. i don't know why it hasn't got more votes. this story is perfect.