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Scorpion Run

Scorpion Run

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Jearl Rugh By JearlRugh Updated Nov 27, 2016

While on routine patrol, a text message-DK's manifesto-hits Seattle Patrol Officer Kel Knight's phone with the threat of serial murder. Even though she holds no authority to investigate a hangnail, because the author made it personal-he knows my name-she decides to probe the first crime scene off-duty and without backup. There, she falls into the murderer's hands. Now, prodded into the pursuit at the business end of a stun gun, anger and humiliation aren't enough resources to perform an investigation of this scale. It takes the warrior DNA bred into her for generations, and coffee, lots of coffee, coffee in quantities only a skilled barista can deliver. 

Thrust into the case, she's partnered with a seasoned detective, Jake. The curse of the SPD-of his last two partners, one's dead and the other's in a coma-and with his "stay-the-hell-out-of-my-way" arrogance, Kel, on a short tether, is forced to investigate solo. Despite Jake's witch-hunt focused on the retired police chief, Kel's terminally-ill father, she combs through poetic riddles DK leaves at each scene. These couplets give insight into his plan-mine to teach the lesson well. Clue by clue, like an intricately patterned quilt, she stitches together the mystery of DK's identity and finds within the breadcrumbs both SPD corruption at the highest level and a layered labyrinth of secrets from her father's furtive past that, if DK doesn't kill them first, threatens to slice the Knight family to shreds.

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