Damn STRAIGHT I'm GAY! (MPreg)

Damn STRAIGHT I'm GAY! (MPreg)

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Diyanna By YaoiLover847 Updated Apr 09, 2015

Milyn Echols is openly gay. His parents accept him. Even though he grew out his hair. Wears girls clothes and make up from time to time. He's starting a new school, Academic High. A rich private school not welcome to the LGBT community. What happens when Milyn attends here? Will he be accepted? Or will it all go to hell?

Cole Turner is a vampire. Him and his family are one of the colonies that live in the town secretly. He's popular and a jock. All the guys want to be him. All the girls want him. But he's not interested in any girls. In fact he's fawning over a certain long haired boy that's captured his attention.

*Rated R*

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AprilWeathers AprilWeathers Nov 03, 2015
Cool,she's two thousand  and some years older than her husband
_BlackxKnight_ _BlackxKnight_ Apr 11, 2015
if I talked to my mother like that. I would have to walk to school everyday, even in the cold and rain
TripleJxskittles TripleJxskittles Jan 12, 2015
my parents tell me i could be fifty and they'll still punch me to next tuesday if i disrespect them
YaoiLover847 YaoiLover847 Nov 14, 2014
@IrishPride2016 Thanks hope you like the other chapters too! the latest chapter is my fave so far
purva194 purva194 Nov 02, 2014
28,123 years and 30,123 years really not possible. .. if it was 2800 years and 3000 years then it was okay. ... but 28,123 and 30,123 is highly  impossible. ..
wicked_witch_8 wicked_witch_8 Jun 07, 2014
i know what you mean i have a soft spot for guys whit long hair