Lýkos Theós

Lýkos Theós

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7th century B.C.

She's bathed in silk and gold. Her beauty beyond compare. Her combat skills even better then Artemisia herself. A god is what she's called, and a god she is. 

Ruthless. Deadly. And Powerful.

She's the moon goddess's greatest creation, a wolf stronger than any, faster then all and feared by every wolf world wide. 

Only, He doesn't run. He doesn't cower in fear. She doesn't scare him, and for whatever reason she doesn't want to. In a world of Lycans and werewolves animal instinct drives her, and her monster will force him to her will.

She's the Lycan Queen

And The Queen Always Gets What She Wants.

That is, unless he fights back and bends her to his will.
   !!Sneak Peek!!

"Ambrosia holds him, his body half submerged in the water and her eyes connecting with the healing torn flesh of his shoulder. She keeps him down as she lowers herself down to his wound, her tongue grazing over his dripping blood and gaping skin. Nicandros fights against the heat of her tongue and the feel of her body pressed against him. His canines are shown as he growls and tries to bite onto whatever he can but her position withheld him from any attack. He felt her tongue trace the bite marks, her lips grazing over the open flesh, slowly tracing down to his chest and licking the few scratch marks that hadn't healed yet."
*Please be warned that this book contains strong sexual content*
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