Beyond ep. 24 (a fanfic continuation of sekai ichi hatsukoi)

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AkikawaYayoi By AkikawaYayoi Updated 4 years ago
We've all found out that Ritsu Onodera is in love with Takano, but will he ever admit it to him? And will they ever start dating? How do their lives progress and eventually intertwine?
    The title says it all. This is fanfic alternate ending and continuation of the popular anime series, with each chapter being the equivalent of an episode. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OFFICIAL MANGA.
    Note to readers: I don't care about Yuu. (see what i did there!) But no, really, this series will not involve the other couples/love triangles at all, it will only follow the story of Onodera and Takano. If i ever decide to write a fanfic about them, i'll make it a different book/series.
    Please become familiar with the anime before reading, to avoid confusion. In case it wasn't obvious, this is a shounen-ai (boyxboy) fanfic!
                                    AMAZING, FREAKING THANK YOU, RITTIE FOR SAYING IT TO HIM, MY GODS ;-;
                                    PLEASSSSEEE UPDATE ;-;-;-;-;-;-;
Oh ma GAWD, I LOVE SEKAKOI and second, I LOVE your username xP
They should have made this the real ending! this is perfect!! PLEASE UPTADE
Oh gawsh dis ending I-ITS PERFECT~<3 I need more though = n= pwease keep writing~<3 <3
Please tell me you are continuing o-o I'll be extremely emotional if you don't.
Please please please update this! I love it, and it's the only continuation fanfic I can find!