The Arrival And What Happened Next - Gravity Falls (UNDER REVISION)

The Arrival And What Happened Next - Gravity Falls (UNDER REVISION)

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The Society of The Umbrella (ΙΥΣ) By RobertPines Updated Jul 01


And it happened again....Someone came from a different dimension. On a silent, summer night in Gravity Falls, a portal suddenly opened above the town, from there, a suitcase and a man fell from it.

And that man is Dell O'hare, professor, noted doctor, and probably a phycisist also a friend of Stanford Pines, has just arrived in a dimension in the most unconventional of circumstances, which he later knew he was back in his original one which had taken him ten years of searching and knew that he landed on a small, but also an extensive town in Oregon. Follow him as he adjusts with his new life in this mysterious town and living with the Pines family.

However, when issues arise on the same places following by the surprise encounter of another friend of his from the dimension he just came from, will he still stay now that he is back, Or will he return there? 

But there is more to it than that. And it's something different this time.

  The Gravity Falls characters and settings which are part of the official canon do not belong to me. They belong to Alex Hirsch and Disney.
  The original characters, settings, events, and organizations used in this story belong to the author himself.
  All places, organizations, and events mentioned in this story are purely fictious, used in such manner and any actual resemblance is purely coincidental.

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