The Arrival And What Happened Next - Gravity Falls

The Arrival And What Happened Next - Gravity Falls

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The Society of The Umbrella (ΙΥΣ) By TheSotU Updated Mar 04

It started because of a fall.

 All that Gregory Fundelton wanted is to flee, from the persecution, the war, the tyranny, and the people that wanted him out. It has costed his homeland too much.

 As he arrives in this new part of the universe, he tries to survive lving in this new world, eventually settling at a small town that cost his freedom and reputaion for being mistaken as a fugitive. Seeking shelter from an old friend, he tries to live his days in this small part of the world, where he seeks to clear his name, and eventually return.

  The Gravity Falls characters and settings which are part of the official canon belong to Alex Hirsch and Disney.
 However, the original characters, settings, events, and organizations used in this story belong to the author.
  All places, organizations, and events mentioned in this story are purely fictitious, used in such manner, and any actual resemblance is purely coincidental.

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The_Phoenix_Ninja101 The_Phoenix_Ninja101 Jul 27, 2017
Damn! @JohnRaven6795, you gotta admit that 'Robert Pines' write so much better than us... 😂😂😂
                              (P.S.: For the sake of his identity, don't drop his name!)