I OWN 'THE' JOCK (boyxboy) [incest]{not edited} Book 1 MINE Series

I OWN 'THE' JOCK (boyxboy) [incest]{not edited} Book 1 MINE Series

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Wolfy By Wolf_Fire_Ice Completed

{First book in the MINE series}

Zachery Chambers is not impressed when he hears that he has a half-brother he never knew about. Evidently he doesn't care that he even has one, I mean he is captain of his high school's basketball team and has other things to worry about than some vague half-brother in Mexico. 

Like his reputation for one, and what girl is going to warm his bed next.

To make matters worse his whole basketball team always thought he was gay, or at least bisexual. When Zachery is confronted with this fact he starts questioning his own sexuality; is he gay or is he straight or does he like both?

He claims to be straight until he gets word that this vague half-brother is coming to live with them. That's when everything went wrong; all of a sudden he feels he can't stop thinking about Santiago; his half-brother. He is never far from his thoughts.

He can't be gay, can he..........?

-Swine- -Swine- Aug 06
Lol, this reminds me of my baby boy Zach on 13 Reasons Why ❤️
-Swine- -Swine- Aug 06
I loveee mean main characters, don't disappoint me Zach ❤️
I know you did not just say dat *says cusswords in Spanish that i cant spell out cause im not Spanish and have never taken spanish in my life*
                              Your gay is showing.
                              TASTE THE RAINBOW BITCH!
The_Booty The_Booty Jul 06
Well SOMEbody is about catch my hands! Wanna guess who it is?
lulu321554 lulu321554 Apr 14
He he my brothers name is Carlos....idont know why thats funny ...